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Engie SA is a French multinational electric utility company, headquartered in La Défense, Courbevoie, which operates in the fields of energy transition, electricity generation and distribution, natural gas, nuclear, renewable energy and petroleum.

A former employee warns, "60% of new hires at Engie either quit or are let go within the first 90 days of employment, so atmosphere of constant turnover. Dilapidated work environment. Frustrated employees, using 30 year old software while being asked to 'think agile.'


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Facilities Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Would not recommend this company. Work life balance non existent, Management have their favourites, their lazy, can’t be bothered with your wellbeing.All their concerned about is looking good to outsiders. If your a good, loyal, Hardworking worker you get treated like dirt. There are no job promotions in certain sectors of Engie. Anything goes wrong you get blamed for it even if you proved you hadn’t anything to do with it. Get left aloneIncorrect pay, bullying, lazy management and some lazy staff."

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Treat you like no one when you get your rest days and you will have phone calls to work and they will try and quilt you into working, telling you they will sort you out but never do people who work there are very two faced8 hour shiftStressfull"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely horrendous company to work for. Work life balance was terrible. Awful rate of pay and even worse management. Absolutely hated working for Engie. The place dont care about individuals and we not care about the money they are making. Too much for too little money.NoneEverything"

Technicien de Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Engie est une grande entreprise mais la majorité des responsable ne sont pas formé. Trop de copinage...Entreprise sûr, pendant les crises.Direction qui manque de professionnalisme."

Lead Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Bosses were inexperienced in my field, then try and tell you how to do the job. Too many operatives also untrained in what they were doing , Everyone back stabbing each other, job it self was easy just very clickie, Poor ppe, Poor management, Poor working environment,"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"i started working here in early 2018. at first, work was alright. but soon they started to shorten our hours and give us alot more work to do. managers could not give a dime about you, their power has gone to their head. any complaints or advise were ignored. most staff ended up leaving within a year or so. paycheck was always less, so had to doublecheck. once got paid extra by mistake and they decided to resolve it by not paying me the next few months and telling me i was stupid for not realising i got paid extra, tf???!!! management do not know what the word 'confidential' means. seems to be cliques almost in management. do not recommend unless u wish to bend over backwards for peanuts and abuse."

Gas Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A poorly ran company, with low staff morale and unhappy clients. This company is too big and too bureaucratic with very low productivity. The management team is exceptionally bad and totally incompetent."

Road Worker (Former Employee) says

"What a good company.. but the managers were very rude .... just rude very not nice management inexperience. Poor management felt victomised.. disorganized very rude not nice management .. very sexest no body likes the management.. unexpectedNoNone"

Helpdesk Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Managers have no appreciation for the amount of work you do, they have favourites and support some staff over others, never look into listening to your opinions, no benefits for staff and very strict as if you’re in school."

Helpdesk Administrator (Former Employee) says

"No management skills Poor communication No work life balance or support Stressful Unfair working relationships No new starter support expected to just get on with the role No training"

Projektleiter und Servicetechniker (Former Employee) says

"Nix nieste nada niemals. Nein nie wieder kommt nicht in frage"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company whom hire contract managers whom are in turns that clearly have no people skills .. spoke to very rudely always interrupting and very demoralising in front of others .. no proper structure in place .. was a case of do this now sort the mess that had been created way prior .. steer well clear"

Technicien de maintenance (Current Employee) says

"Déliquescence à tous les niveaux. Si vous avez un problème, il faut apporter votre solution."

Property Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Company is very bad poor management poor pay no progression every day is stressful poor quality work and taken advantage of at every possible chance."

Vendeur polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"J'aime pas du tout . Pas top l'équipe avec qui j'étais"

Technicien comptable (contarat ) says

"Gestionnaire arrogante, un poison !!! Aucune formation !! Aucune organisation!!! T'es laissé à toi même. Gestionnaire pas du tout présent! Les conflits d'intérêts sont une culture la bas!"

Volunteer (Current Employee) says

"Little to no support for new starters, expected to carry on and learn yourself after 2 days of training. In need of a new training system so people can learn their role better."

Plumber /multi (Former Employee) says

"No professional people no management don’t received any support.dont care for staff just what to make mony .......... Etc etccc ........ ........ ............................"

KAM VENTAS (Former Employee) says

"esta empresa ofrece servicios pesimos a los clientes, tratan mal al empleado, ademas de que pagan poco. NO VALE LA PENA TRABAJAR AHI.NadaTodo, La peor experiencia en mi vida laboral"

Soudeur (Former Employee) says

"L'entreprise Endel (Richemont) regroupe un nombre de personnes qui procrastine et délègue sans vergogne, les managers ne managent pas et fuie leurs responsabilités et si vous aimez entendre hurler que les autres sont des mauvais et que ce n'est jamais de la faute de l'entreprise vous serez dans votre élément. Egalement aucune culture d’entreprise existe, ils se tirent tous vers le fond et font du mieux qu'ils peuvent pour en dégoutter les autres. Entre 13 et 15 personnes fuie cette entreprise tout les trimestre. A fuire."

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